Your  Options  -  from Concept  to  Creation

From a Consultation I Design, Manage and Create Unique Landscapes and Gardens . . .


A Consultation is the first port of call . . .

Consultancy is the basis of the business and at the centre of everything that is done. Getting to know my clients by talking and discussing all manner of subjects, not just gardens is a vitally important element to the design process.

The creation of a garden is very much a mutual understanding of what the project requires. I am always aware of my client's wants and realize that it is not 'my' garden but one that is designed by me for the client to live with and enjoy.





A  well  designed  garden  is  a good  investment -  for  your  family,  your  lifestyle  and  financially



Innovative, creative and thought provoking ideas . . .

The design of the garden is about sensitivity and skill, passion and vision. 

With my clients' input, hand-drawn plans enable beautiful gardens to be formed. From initial sketches to full detailed plans, working drawings and planting plans - all options are catered for.

Once the initial layout scheme is agreed upon working drawings can be prepared if required. By taking personal preferences and soil type into account planting plans are specifically tailored and created for each new garden undertaken.




A  house  needs  to  sit  comfortably  in  its  space,  linked  to  the  surrounding  landscape  through  its  garden


Planning before construction is the key . . .

Logistics are a key component to creating a garden and I offer a management option to enable a smooth running project.

By overseeing the contractors, material purchases and general trouble shooting I give a knowledgeable and approachable service. Therefore ensuring the end result is to your complete satisfaction.

By using my knowledge of plants, materials, suppliers, construction and design, I can turn your ideas into an achievable plan for a breathtaking and wonderful garden – while keeping within budget constraints. Working on paper also allows me to sort out any problems or concerns before costly work has to be undone. As these plans can be fully detailed, it's easy to collect quotes from a number of subcontractors, which ensures you get top quality work for the best price available.





My   'Design  to  Construct'  package  will  give  you  peace  of  mind  and  deliver  the  perfect  garden - on  time  and  on  budget



A close, working relationship . . .

One of the really important things that is needed during the construction of a garden is a close working relationship between the client and the workforce - by using Dominic Gascoigne for the project from design to creation, you get that relationship.

I am regularly on site and being hands on, glitches in the detail of the design tend to be caught early and overcome – vital to success and cost.

The building of a designed garden is a highly specialised process and I work closely with teams of landscapers, specialist pavers, stonemasons and garden nurseries to realise my schemes. I am passionate about the plants that go into my designs – they are the part of the garden that lift it above the ordinary.




Consult,  Design,  Manage  &  Create  all  combined  with  skill  and  inspiration  from Dominic  Gascoigne